Peru-Based Immigration Services

Nearly all U.S. immigration attorneys are based in the United States. Foreign-based clients have to accept this as a reality, and make due with phone calls and emails. However, there are moments when in-person contact is extremely helpful.
With this in mind, Anderson Immigration Law offers the services of Matt Anderson, a US-licensed immigration attorney living in Lima, Peru. While Matt can assist with any U.S. immigration matter, there are specific services for which his presence in Lima is especially beneficial.

  • Non-immigrant and Immigrant Visa Processing for Peruvian Nationals

Although US immigration petitions are typically filed in the United States, many Peruvian beneficiaries would enjoy the convenience of preparing their applications with a US immigration attorney they can meet face-to-face, as well as receive assistance in preparing for their visa interview. It should also be noted that several petitions can be filed directly with USCIS Lima when the US citizen legally resides in Peru. Anderson Immigration Law has the ability to provide excellent assistance for both sides of the process, both in the United States and in Peru.

  • Collection of Civil Documents in Peru

Some beneficiaries, whether they are present in Peru or not, may require assistance with the collection of civil documents required for the immigration process (police certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.). Anderson Immigration Law is available to assist in the collection of these documents.

  • Visa Interview Preparation and General Consultation

The approval of a visa is completely dependent on an applicant’s circumstances and qualifications. However, preparation with a knowledgeable attorney can assist an applicant to put forth the clearest presentation of his or her situation to the consular official. Applicants that are present in Lima, Peru, are invited to schedule a consultation with Matt Anderson for advice regarding the U.S. immigration process.